Shashi Naidoo is a style icon with some fashion-forward ideas. We sat down with the lovely Naidoo to discuss the upcoming Skip Fashion Exchange and how trends fade, but your clothes don’t have to.

When asked what defines someone with style, the fashion expert explains that it’s not about the person who wears the latest trends, but rather the person “whose style transcends fashion.” It’s about pushing the boundaries of the industry and finding the pieces that reflect who you are. Despite what many believe, Shashi feels there is no rulebook when it comes to style. She believes “it’s about what suits you and sometimes creating your own sense of fashion”. At the upcoming Fashion Exchange, Shashi will be exchanging a gorgeous spring coat that she purchased on a recent trip to London.

When it comes to fashion, what was once old can become new again. “Fashion has a cycle,” says Shashi, “I mean look – we’re in the middle of the nineties trend, eighties trend – it all always comes back.” The perfect wardrobe is comprised of basics and staples. “Those bold fashion pieces that really stand out will be the ones you recycle every season” she explains.

What’s more, it’s important to be particular when it comes to the products you’re using on your clothes. “I think any fabric can actually be maintained if you’re looking after it properly, especially with a product like Skip.” When it comes to your statement pieces, keep it, preserve it and trust that it will always come back.

When asked what statement pieces she was looking for at this year’s Fashion Exchange Shashi told us, “I don’t think you can really ever say, ‘OK, I’m going to go out and I’m looking for a pair of green boots.’ If you go in with an agenda, you’ll never find what you’re looking for. The purpose of the Fashion Exchange is to find spectacular pieces that you didn’t even know existed”.

If your closet needs revamping or if you’re looking to make some of your old clothes new again, join Shashi at the Skip Fashion Exchange at the Sandton City Mall, Johannesburg, from 4th - 31st July 2017, and get tips on how to look after your garments with Skip. See you there!

For more information and how to register, go to or join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @SkipSouthAfrica.