Work from home but make it #Fashion with these style tips. Picture: Pexels.
Work from home but make it #Fashion with these style tips. Picture: Pexels.

Tips: Look professional from waist up for those work from home video meetings

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Mar 31, 2020

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Companies may be sending their employees home amid the coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping the world, but that doesn’t mean workflow has come to a standstill. Emails, phone calls and video conferences will be keeping many businesses afloat as South Africa continues its three week lockdown.

Working from home is completely different from being in the office. Apart from being away from your colleagues and being able to shamelessly eat a tuna sandwich without anyone turning up their nose, it also means you can dress super casually… and by that we totally mean trading corporate wear for sweatpants and pajamas.

It sounds pretty ideal, being able to sink into the couch cushions, cross-legged and comfy in your robe as you tap away on your laptop. Until, you get your daily reminder for the conference call held over video chat.

Whether it’s a client consultation or just a quick check-in with your manager, it’s important to maintain professionalism in these meetings as you are still representing your company and therefore, need to meet their standards. 

However, dressing smart doesn’t necessarily mean donning a pant suit and stilettos, you can still throw on some fuzzy socks and track pants while looking fit for the office. If you just keep things chic from the waist up. 

How to look professional from the waist up for those work from home video meetings:


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Even if your hair hasn’t been styled, wearing a headband somehow has the ability to make you look put together. By sweeping back flyaway baby hairs, they tie together outfits when colour coordinated and happen to complement a variety of hairstyles ranging from messy buns to loose braids. 


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Office-wear doesn’t have to be drab, you can liven things up with a statement necklace. Go for something bold with a pop of colour to add an element of interest to your outfit. 


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Accessorising with earrings is such a simple way to show you made the effort to look smart for your virtual meeting. A modest pair of studs or something more elaborate with dangly details - depending on the occasion - can be used to express your personality and shows that you have a sense of style. This may be especially important if you work in a creative industry. 


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There’s no other clothing item that can transform practically any outfit from everyday casual to super smart and professional quite like blazers can. Dresses or even t-shirts look more pulled-together when paired with the structured appearance of blazers.

Neck tie

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Just a tiny strip of coloured fabric, yet ties have a way of marking professionalism in the workplace. The presence of one secured around your neck immediately makes you stand out from the sea of unbuttoned collars. 


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Apart from being a much classier method for keeping track of time, rather than glancing at your cell phone, wristwatches are a smart accessory that exude sophistication. They also help you add structure to your work day without being distracting. 


Grooming your beard     

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It may be tempting to take a break from shaving regularly, or at all, but, having a manicured beard is a vital part of looking put together. An unkempt appearance can give off the impression that you’re sloppy when it comes to your work. 

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