The humble neckerchief is making a major comeback.

I know it’s still chilly out but I feel it necessary to give you all the heads up on one of this coming summer’s hottest trends. The humble neckerchief is to step into the trends spotlight. 

Here’s how to wear this simple accessory to glam up an outfit:

The most obvious way would be to wear it around your neck - even then, there are many different ways to tie your Neckerchief. 

Twist the scarf tightly and make a knot in the in the front, or keep the fabric loose, creating a “V” shape in the front and make a small loose knot at the back.

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A few other options to explore: 
Create an arm accessory by wrapping the neckerchief around your arm a couple of times. 

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Need a headband? All you have to do is tie the scarf around your head - either high or low, in line with your ears.

Staying on your head, the neckerchief is great for holding your ponytail or hair bun - a creative alternative to the 90’s scrunchie.

Attach your scarf to your handbag, creating an easy way to match an accessory with your outfit.