Pairing your favourite dress with a polo-neck is style essential this winter. Picture: Instagram

You might be thinking the days of putting on a dress and running out the door are over, well think again. Yes we understand it might not be as simple as it were in the summer season but wearing just your dress in winter might not be as unsettling as you think. What you need is one of our top style tips of winter. Polo-necks under all. This tip is really great during these transitional weather times or for ever changing weather in regions like Cape Town.   

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Now that you know this style tip, there is no dress off limits, even when it’s really cold outside. You can throw on a few layers if it really gets cold like leggings, tights or a coat. There are many items that'll help you avoid packing up those dresses even in heart of winter. 

Check out these fantastic ways to style your dresses this winter: 

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