Actress Sienna Miller is bang on trend with a flower hairpiece.

American singer-songwriter Lana del Rey began the trend of wearing thick wreaths of flowers in her hair.

“Whether they are attached to clips or hair bands, flowers are a must-have for summer,” says personal shopper Sonja Grau.

At first glance, wearing flowers makes you look like you’re heading to a beach party or you’re on your way to Hawaii, but according to Grau, fashion-conscious women are wearing them for every occasion.

However, she does advise avoiding wearing very dominant or eye-catching flowers at work.

Jessica Weiss is founder of the German-language fashion blog Journelles. She says donning flowers is a great way to attract attention at an event.

“For special occasions, it’s a great idea to get a florist to prepare a headband with flowers,” she says.

Retailers are also catching on to the trend and Topshop is selling headbands with flowers. Several other fashion stores have floral headbands in their summer collections.

When combined with the right outfit a flower headband can look really great. Weiss advises keeping your styling simple.

“A monotone T-shirt, jeans and espadrilles along with flowers in your hair help create a fresh, natural summer look without appearing too girlish.” She also advises keeping the tone down when it comes to makeup: simple, natural shades are much better than bright colours.

Grau says the flower look goes well with both short and long hair.

“It’s especially attractive if your hair is done up,” but they also go with open hair. Antonio Weinitschke is an art director with the German Association of Hairdressers. He recommends using the look with straight hair only.

“Sticking flowers into curly hair is just too much. They cancel each other out and the look loses its intended effect.”

But not everyone is wearing flowers and simple, unadorned headbands are proving popular too. Weinitschke says very wide bands up to 4cm in width are in fashion at the moment. “The trend dates back to the 1960s and looks best on a half-length bob.”

A very smart variation on the headband is the hair chain. They are worn like a band and can partially lie across the forehead.

“Young women and women who feel young with long hair just have to follow this trend,” says Grau.

To create a romantic look, she recommends combining a hair chain with a skirt or dress. - Sapa-dpa