Boitumelo Ndaba, founder of The Tuku Affair. Picture: Supplied.
As we continue to celebrate Women’s Month, Boitumelo Ndaba, the founder of The Tuku Affair, shares tips on how to tie a head wrap like a queen.

The Tuku Affair is an accessories brand founded three years ago by Ndaba. She left her job as marketing manager for a science company when her passion for tying head wraps drove her to ditch her 9-to-5.

She turned it into a business, selling head wraps and dresses, and became a speaker for events hosted by Indalo Nubian Naturals Hairdresser.

Today, she runs her business on social media, selling her wraps, bangles, earrings, dresses and, recently, T-shirts.

Bangles by The Tuku Affair. Picture: Supplied. 

Here are some of her tips to help you tie your tuku like a pro.

  • For ladies with short hair, never wear a single head wrap. The trick is to wear another head wrap underneath. This helps give you a great shape.
  • The shape of your face tells you what kind of head wrap would look best on you. If you have a round face, the round- shaped head wrap works better. The high bun looks good on oval-faced people.
  • If you are going to tie your wrap at the front, start your head wrap from the back, and vice versa.
  • For those who are new to head wrapping, use clip art pins. Those will help you tuck in weird pieces that you don’t understand. They will also help you create the shape you want.
  • Don’t look in the mirror, because your hands’ reflection will confuse you. Your brain will tell you to do something but your eyes and your hands will do something different. Move away from the mirror and only go back to it when it’s time to do the final fix, and tuck in unnecessary pieces.

Wrapped it like a pro. Picture: Supplied. 

For more styling tips, keep in touch with The Tuku Affair via Instagram @the_tuku_affair.

-Saturday Star