Spring is the season to try short hairstyles. Picture: Pinterest

Springtime is near and for most of us, that would mean taking out our dresses and shorts from the back of the closet and changing up our hairstyles for the new season. 

A fresh change to welcome the new season. Spring in Jozi is a wonderful season where we watch Jacaranda trees blossom providing us with great backgrounds for our pictures to debut our new spring looks. 

Here are a few hairstyles that can inspire your change for the blooming season:

Fulani Braids

So Fulani braids have been a popular trend since late 2017, and these braids are very stylish, easy to maintain and very versatile. Plus, they look great when accessorised with beads and rings.  

Fulani braids come in varied lengths no matter what the style is on the top of your head. So you are able to rock your braids at bob length or with braids that reach the end of your back. 

Fulani braids. Picture: thando/Instagram

Long bob

The long bob or the ‘lob’ is a great compromise between not cutting your hair too short but not having it too long to the point where you always tie your hair up or cut it all off. 

Long bobs can be styled in different ways from being layered or dyed in an ombre fashion for a dramatic look. 

Model Hailey Baldwin in a 'lob'. Picture: Refinery29

Braids bob

If you get tired of your long box braids, you can always switch them up by cutting them short. Try an asymmetrical bob with your braids for an interesting look, allowing you to have a new hairstyle without having to redo your hair.

A braided long bob. Picture: nicolexashleyy/Instagram

Pixie Cut

If you don’t feel like getting your hair layered, or perhaps feel like starting afresh, then try the pixie cut - a style that is so easy to maintain, you can make bedhead look fashionable. You can leave it to look wild like Zoë Kravitz, or slick it back like Katie Holmes. 

Pixie cuts on Zoë Kravitz and Katie Holmes. Picture: Supplied


Bangs are a bold cut that makes a statement for your hairstyle. The fringe cut needs to be regularly maintained but it suits most face shapes and looks great with any type of hair - curly, wavy and straight. The right shape is key to ensure that your bangs flatter your face.

Actress Nina Dobrev in a wavy bob with bangs. Picture: Steve Granicz/Wire Images


Looking for a statement hairstyle that will wow with minimal effort? Perhaps an up-do is your go-to style for spring. The up-do is made up of small side braids and twists, the twists have been weaved into a bun style. 

Singer Beyoncé with a braided up-do. Picture: Pinterest

Shaved styles

Long hair + undercut = an endless amount of hairstyles at your disposal. Shaving the sides of your head and creating an undercut gives an edgy style while also giving your head some fresh air. 

The versatility with these styles ranges from up-dos to braids and even pixie cuts, with just minor maintenance needed if you decided to keep the shaved sides. 

If you get tired of shaved sides you can always grow your hair out or shave it all off! 

Actress Meagan Good is known for her shaved sides and faux locs. Picture: Pinterest