Even though highlighters are nothing new, makeup junkies are unable to get enough of them. 

When you walk into a beauty store and you’re bound to find ladies standing at the highlights section testing different colours to find  the perfect one that will make their cheekbones pop.

It is harder for darker skinned girls to find a highlighter that gives the glow.

International artist Raine Tauber offers some advice on how find the best highlighter for you:

Be careful not to go too light with the shade as this can look ashy and grey on the skin.

Avoid going too light. (Picture: Instagram/Fenty Beauty)

Don’t be afraid to play around with colour highlighter, a lot of darker skinned girls say to me that they love the pastel pink highlighter I use most often but that they don’t think it will work for them. 

Play around with colour highlighter like pink and lilac. (Picture: Instagram/Fenty Beauty)

I love a pink and even lilac highlighter on a darker skin, you’ll never know unless you try.

Make sure the edges blend out seamlessly, the higher the contrast to the skin the more visible a highlight, but also the harder it is to make it look perfect, blending the edges out with a clean brush is great way to do that.