Wonder Woman's undoubtedly the most powerful female superhero. (Supplied)

With Ruby Rose being cast as Batwoman, female superheroes are back in the limelight and we can’t wait to see what her costume is going to look like. 
I’ve always, like most girls, had a fascination with female superhero costumes. They are usually sexy, fierce and oh so stylish. 

Here’s a look at my all time favourite sassy superhero costumes to kill for:

Catwoman: What’s not to love about this bad girl and her all black, skin tight bodysuit. Over the years Catwoman has been played by a number of actresses including Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway wearing different Catwoman costumes. But it’s Michelle Peiffer’s black latex suit with white stitching that really captures the essence of the sassy bad kitty.

Wonder Woman: She’s undoubtedly the most powerful superhero female of them all. Her movie character is a great interpretation of the DC comics character, her costume actually looks like a protective body armour. But it’s the touches of gold that I really love. Those gold cuffs can easily accessorize any outfit. Not to mention the thigh high boots.

Wonder Woman (Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Harley Quinn: It seems the bad girls have the coolest outfits. Her favourite colours are blue, red and white. Her outfit is a mix and match of these colours. Even her two blonde ponytails have one blue and one pale red tips. With her teeny tiny satin short, blue and red bomber jacket and fishnet stocks, her outfit is as crazy as she is.

Harley Quinn. (Picture: collectorleague/instagram)