Apply perfume to where your body is warmest.

When you buy a bottle of your signature perfume you want it to last as long as possible because let’s face it, perfume can be expensive. You could even describe it as a luxury item. One way to make a bottle go a long way is to use as little as possible when you do. Make every spritz count and make it last as long as you can during the day. Used correctly the scent of your perfume can last from the morning until night time. 

Here are a few tips on how to make your fragrance last all day: 

  • Applying your scent at the right time makes a big difference. Just after you’ve had a hot bath or shower your pores are open. This is perfect to allow the sent to absorb into the skin. Then wait for your skin to dry before getting dressed though.
  • For added staying power, take further advantage of warm moist skin by applying an unscented lotion to create a barrier between your skin and the perfume. This slows down absorption which helps scent last longer.
  • Know where to apply your perfume. Where your body is the warmest is where you spritz. These spots include the inside of your elbow, back of the ear, back of the knees and your belly button.
  • The first thing most women do when they spray perfume on their wrists is rub them together. Don’t do that! Rubbing your wrists breaks down the fragrance.
  • For additional layering of fragrance spray a light mist into your hair.