Kendall Jenner rocking red tinted shades. (Pic: Instagram)

Everything always looks better through rose-tinted glasses. Tinted shades are back and are the trendiest sunglasses for 2017.

BRITNEY rocked them in the 1990s, Johnny Depp made them cool again in the movie Fear and Loathing in Vegas and thanks to model besties Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, they are back again.

We loved them when flower child Janis Joplin wore her iconic orange-tinted round frames when she performed at Woodstock. Then we hated them on Ali G back in the 1990s when he wore those hideous yellow-lensed and black framed wraparound sunnies to go with his bright yellow tracksuit.

Love them or hate them, they are back in a full spectrum of shades, sizes and frames.

Pink and yellow might be the most popular but blue, orange and even green and purple lenses makes it difficult to pick just one to add to your collection.

Stylist Shiraz Reddy. (Pic: Zeenat Banderker)

Stylist Shiraz Reddy tells us why he loves the trend: “The fact that it works both indoors and outdoors allows for it to be a key accessory as part of your outfit instead of an accessory you need to lose as the day nears the end, leaving your outfit somewhat incomplete.”

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jade Robertson. (Pic: Instagram)

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jade Robertson agrees. “They make the world look brighter,” she said. 

How you wear them can either make or break an outfit. Bear in mind that these trendy shades come in various frames, shapes and sizes. 

Round pink glass from Rayban. (Pic supplied)

Thin-rimmed, round rose-coloured shades are perfect for a flower child wanting to pull off a boho look. Go for an oversized pair for the authentic 1960s style. They say opposites attract, so try wearing a feminine shade with a masculine outfit.

From Third Eye

Pair pale-tinted lenses with a bright pink, red or orange lipstick for a striking contrasting look.

From Third Eye Wear

Colour lenses that match the colour of the frame, usually a plastic frame, are perfect if you want to rock the monochrome look.

From Unknown eyewear

Small or octagonal glasses with thin metal frames with bold red, yellow or purple lenses add an edgy touch to a simply styled outfit.

From Vogue Eyewear

If you’re feeling those hip hop vibes, then the go for oversized aviator sunglasses with your baggy tracksuit.

From Vogue Eyewear

Brown might sound boring, but a light brown-tinted lens with a tortoiseshell frame is a more sophisticated take on the trend.