Thigh high boots are versatile. (Pic: Instagram)

It’s the middle of winter and boots are a stable item in our wardrobe. If bought wisely you should already own a few classics like leather ankle boots and black heel booties. If your figure allows, a pair of thigh highs is another pair you should add to your collection of must-haves.

Worn badly, thigh highs do have a tendency to give an outfit that prostitute vibe - think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. So as much as we love them, it’s important to be careful how you put an outfit together when wearing them.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the movie "Pretty Woman". (Pic: Instagram)

You can have so much fun with them whether they are tan, nude, grey and of course the basic black. Not only are they cool for a night out on the town but it’s also possible to get away with wearing them during day and even at the office.

Day time and playtime: Casual pleated skirts, oversized chunky knits and casual dresses worn with any colour thigh high. Have a grey pair (or any colour other than black), wear that colour head to toe. 

Workplace: Tan or nude (especially suede) boots are good options since aren’t as in your face at the black ones are. It’s probably the most challenging to wear them to work than anywhere else. The one rule you to bare in mind is: Don’t show any skin! Wear them a work appropriate dress or pencil skirts.

Evening out: Black boots are perfect for evenings out. Wear black head to toe for a sophisticated look.

Here are a few looks to inspire you to rock your thigh high boots.

A pretty floral dress worn with a classic black boots makes a simple day look.

If the skirt was just a little longer this would make for ideal work wear.

This bright chunky oversized knit is a great day out look.

Wear one colour head to toe.

Don’t be afraid to try different colour boots. Love these fiery red ones.

Kim Kardashian wears all black for an evening out.