Hush Puppies' limited collection. (Picture: Supplied)

Whether you Generation X, Millenial, or just a person inspired by the art of footwear, we can assure you that the Decades collection will not only touch your soul but decorate your wardrobe.

Bernard Oxford in pony hair. (Picture: Daniel van Duinen)

1950s: The Bernard Oxford in pony hair with velvet and patent. 

Although Elvis sang about his blue suede shoes, we can almost be sure that the 1950’s Bernard Oxford would have made a hit! This pony hair with velvet and patent style brings back the time 

Bernard Oxford with a graphic pattern (Picture: Daniel van Duinen)

1960s: The Bernard Oxford, a graphic pattern inspired by the artist Mondrian, and popularized in the mod-fashion of the 60’s.

We “Can’t Get No” satisfaction without the Bernard Oxford Inspired by the 60’s. From the Rolling Stones to the Beatles “Yesterday” isn’t very far away with this groovy looking shoe.

The Bernard Slip-on with Tassel in patchwork suede. (Picture: Daniel van Duinen)

1970s: The Bernard Slip-on with Tassel in patchwork suede in a classic 70’s colour palette.

Peace, love and happiness. After all, that's what the 70’s was all about. Hop on the “Love Train” and be the “Dancing Queen” of the Millenials with this 70’s inspired look. Its time to bring out those Bell Bottoms, your colour blocked top the wife keeps hiding from you and “Play That Funky Music”.

Bernard Oxford with pyramid studs. (Picture: Daniel van Duinen)

1980s: The Bernard Oxford in pop-art print with pyramid studs in a neon colour palette.

The 80’s, where the moonwalk was a thing, Whitney hit the high notes, and Salt-N-Peppa pushed it. Inspired by the Art of Keith Haring, this studded yellow and orange contrasting design will have you popping the trends back in 2018.

The Bernard Boot. (Picture: Daniel van Duinen)

1990s: The Bernard Boot with studs for a rugged look. Contrast stitching and laces. 

Remember when mood rings were a thing, Rollerblades were a good means of transport and walkmans played your favourite music? Grab your windbreaker, yes the neon one, and roll back to the 90’s with the Bernard Boot. This rugged boot with studs is sure to take you back to Generation Y.

Bernard Slip-on. (Picture: Daniel van Duinen)

2000s: The Bernard Slip-on in suede and denim with gold foil “HP” print.

Oh yes we did, remember a time of gold grills, denim on denim, Louis Vuitton prints? This was just the start of what some call the ‘Digital Age’ but for us, it was an inspiration for the 00’s Bernard Slip-on Hush Puppies style, with the denim and suede combo and gold foil “HP” print, we start o the Generation Z.

Shiba Brogue Oxford. (Picture: Daniel van Duinen)

2018: Shiba Brogue Oxford featuring dog tread design on a translucent sole.

This one is for you, the ‘Todays’, the Snapchatters, Instagrammers. It's for the Tweets, likes and follows. This is 2018, an age where Millenials rule and technology is the only way forward. Our Shiba Brogue Oxford is our interpretation of style and fashion today, with its translucent sole, dog tread and detailed upper is what how we like contemporary casual footwear. 

Author: Jessica Burnett | Hush Puppies