Winter is harsh on your hair. (Picture: Pexel Stock)
Winter is harsh on your hair. (Picture: Pexel Stock)

Hydration is the secret weapon against winter hair

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Apr 21, 2019

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South African winters tend to be very dry or rainy. With the season rapidly changing women are already dreading dry and frizzy hair. 

“Fortunately there is a cure: keeping your hair hydrated,” says Glamit Managing Director, Inge Peacock.

“Regardless of which hair type you have and whether you are in rainy Cape Town or dry Johannesburg, having properly hydrated hair will help your mane make it through winter looking shiny and feeling healthy.”

Peacock shares her top secrets for combating winter hair with easy hydration tricks and tips:

Locks love lukewarm water

Avoid washing your hair in hot water as this can dry it out. Instead, use lukewarm water and blast it with cold water just before you’re done to help close and seal the hair’s cuticles.

Moisturising masks are a must

Using a deep hydrating mask once a week is essential during wintertime as this helps restore the hair’s natural moisture which tends to get depleted from things like the icy air outside and heaters drying the air indoors.

Masks like the Repair Mask from Balmain Paris Hair Couture help to give hair an extra nourishment boost. Plus, they repair dry and weak hair, leaving it feeling soft and luxurious. 

Head out with a headscarf

When the wind starts to blow, it’s time to put on a headscarf. Not only is this one of the top trends in the world of fashion, it has the added benefit of helping to smooth down the hair to prevent moisture loss and friction that can lead to damage. It is always best to opt for a silk scarf or any other soft, smooth fabric.

Put on a headscarf. (Pexels Stock)

Take your tresses to therapy 

If your hair is particularly prone to winter woes, now is the time to up the ante by using a shampoo, conditioner and styling products that drench severely moisture-depleted hair with nourishing ingredients.

The Biosilk Hydrating Therapy range delivers improved control and smooth, shiny moisture-rich locks in an instant thanks to the luxurious, moisturising effects of maracuja oil, the powerful moisture retention of quinoa and the smoothing power of silk.

“Everyone can have fabulous looking locks all year round, it just might mean putting in a bit more effort during winter,” concludes Peacock.

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