Singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez. (Instagram)

Teens these days love wearing their pants halfway down their bottoms which results in mother’s often having to say “pull up your pants” or their pants slipping down to their thighs!

Now it seems that Jlo has taken the trend to another level by wearing her pants all the way down to her knees. Worn with nothing but a long white shirt it actually looks her tiny jeans had fallen off.

Bizarre boots from a bad angle. (Picture: Instagram/opentheeyesto)

Well, that’s what it looked when the paparazzi took the picture at a rather unfortunate angle. They have a habit of doing that, don’t they?

Yet a picture taken from the front reveals that she’s, in fact, wearing over the knee denim boots that does indeed look like blue jeans with pockets and a black belt detail. 

What the boots actually look like. (Picture: Instagram/cybilinstyle)

If I tell you that that the boots are an R32,000 Versace design, would you change your mind about them? Well, they are, and it’s still a big no from me.

Besides the bizarre boots, I can’t fault the rest of the outfit. 

Underneath the oversized baggy shirt, the 49-year-old actress and singer showed off her perfectly toned legs. She completed her look with a slicked back high ponytail, gold accessories and a simple black handbag.