If you layer your clothes correctly you won’t end up looking like the Michelin Man. (Image supplied by Mr Price)

This is quite possibly one of the coldest winters we’ve experienced in years. I find myself having to dig deep into my winter wardrobe to find more and more warm pieces. Then I want to put them all on at the same time. 

If I could I would happily walk around wearing my blanket, although I might get a few looks in the office. 

Wearing all my clothes at the same time will definitely leave me looking the Michelin Man. No matter how cold it is THAT is definitely not a look I want to go for.

This is why layering your clothes correctly is so important. Here’s how to do so:

Let’s start with the first layer. Much like your bra and panties, your vest is one of those garments that no one sees. So there's no need for it to be pretty or fashion forward. Thermal undies is the most important part of your outfit. Moms know that a thermal vest, long or short sleeves, is an essential clothing item for their little ones. The same applies to grownups. I know you’re picturing those horrible looking beige spencers that your granny wears. Don’t worry, they now come in great modern designs that actually looks like outerwear. Thermal fabric are now available in tights as well. Perfect for wearing under pants. 

Thermal underwear now comes in modern designs. (From Woolworths)

Next you’ll need a t-shirt, long sleeve (obviously) or a long sleeve shirt depending on the look your going for. Opt for garments made of natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk or wool since it  creates a natural insulation. 

Unlike your thermals, you’ll want to put a bit more thought in this layer. Can you image finding yourself in a place, like your office or a mall for instance (where the aircon or heater as been set very high), and need to remove a few layers of clothes. The last thing you need is to be wearing something you wouldn’t want to be seen in. 

Now you can reach for that knit you love so much. If it’s one of those really chunky knits then that would have to be your outer layer. Always wear the thickest and heaviest item as the outer layer. So keep this level simple and not too bulky. 

When picking a knit bare in mind that it shouldn’t be too chunky. (From Witchery)

As I said before your outer most layer, being your coat, jacket or thick knit, should be your bulkiest garment. The winter coats and jackets to look out for would be: fur, puffer, leather, wool and a lined parka.

Your bulkiest garment should be your outer most layer. (Mr Price)

So the bottom line is, If you streamline the garments you wear underneath your coat or jacket you won’t end up looking the Michelin Man. Especially if you’re a lover of the bomber jacket.