Lewis Hamilton doesn't mind making fashion "mistakes"

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. (Picture: Instagram)

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. (Picture: Instagram)

Published Jul 8, 2018


Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is releasing a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger, and thinks that fashion is the key to being himself.

The four-time world champion racing driver used to try and "blend in" with his style, but he's now found his "own direction", even though that's taken some time and meant he's tried some questionable looks along the way.

In an interview with City A.M, the 33-year-old driver said: "As a kid, I wanted to blend in. It's taken a long time to find my own direction, which you can see in what I wear. I've made lots of mistakes, but that's how you find your own style.

"I like to go to the shows because you see the craziest, wackiest stuff. It's how it makes you feel that's important. Fashion is a very personal thing. I don't care what anyone else thinks."

The Formula One driver has just created a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger, and wants to learn all he can from the designer. 

He said: "I'm all about positive energy. The first time I met Tommy, he comes up to me, this icon I've always looked up to, and he says 'You look great! I love what you're wearing. You look like a rock star!' I was just so happy he recognised me."

Lewis is nervous to see the reaction to his clothing line, especially because he would like to pursue fashion when his Formula One career ends. 

"Before a race I always sleep fine because I know what I do. When it comes time for people to see this collection I'm not going to sleep at all. 

"This is an extension of who I am an expression of my character. I've put so much effort into it, so I'm super tied to it and conscious of how people are going to react. 

"It means a lot to me because this is potentially the beginning of a future beyond F1. I couldn't sleep before my first F1 test, and then I got the call and got the job and my career began. "

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