Pop singer Madonna with her daughter Lourdes. (Pic: Instagram)

Her mother has never been one to stick to convention. And it seems Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is also unafraid to stand out, flashing her underarm hair in a family photo.

In an image shared with Madonna’s 10.6 million Instagram followers, the pair smile in matching red lipstick as the 59-year-old cradles her daughter’s face.

Lourdes and mom Madonna. (Pic: Instagram)

As 21-year-old Lourdes leans back to put her tattooed arms around her mother, she clearly shows that she prefers the natural underarm look. Madonna, wearing a black hat and a sheer black dress, simply captioned the photo: ‘We are Ready For You 2018!’

Fans were divided over the image, with some saying they were unimpressed and others praising Lourdes for making a statement. The model may have been copying her mother, as in 2014 Madonna shared a picture showing off her unkempt underarm hair with the caption: ‘Long hair...... Don’t Care!!!!!!’

But it was Julia Roberts who made the biggest splash when at the 1999 Notting Hill premiere, the actress raised her arm to reveal a tuft of underarm hair. She said her boyfriend at the time liked the style.

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