Attention to detail is the salon’s key focus. Picture Supplied

Nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s buzzing city center is Lume Beauty Atelier but when you walk through their doors, the salon with its gold and marble interior, you will feel as if  you’ve escaped reality.

Lume offers an array of treatments for skin, nails, hair as well as hair styling. Picture Gerry Cupido

Lume introduces itself as a beauty atelier that offers a luxurious array of treatments for skin, nails, hair as well as hair styling, cutting and colouring. 

I had the pleasure of experiencing their signature Lume body ritual in a beautifully modern styled room. The room was cozy and low lit with ambient sounds softly playing creating a calming atmosphere. An idyllic escape from the cold and noisy world outside.

Cozy low lit room. Picture Gerry Cupido

The blissful 90 minute treatment included an exfoliating body scrub followed by nourishing body mask then ended with a deep moisturizing massage with natural body butters.
The treatment left skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. Since winter has been so harsh on my skin leaving it very dry, this was a great hydrating boost my skin needed. The experience as a whole left me feeling pampered and relaxed.

All  the products used was from their Terres D’Afrique’s range. A sustainable organic skincare that harnesses the potency of Africa’s legendary botanical heritage. High levels of omegas and powerful antioxidants from unique African plants help restructure and regenerate the deep layers of the skin. 

I spoke to Jenny Kouwenhoven the founder of LUME Beauty Atelier about how this blissful retreat came about. 
What inspired you open the atelier?
I wanted to create a beautiful place dedicated to well-being and beauty. 
Having been a model in the past, I wanted to pass on my knowledge and my love of beauty. 

What would you like your clients to take away from their experience at salon?
I hope they leave their visit to LUME as if they had come to visit a realm in which they would have been treated like kings and queens. More concretely, relaxed, most beautiful and freed from their worry and tensions. 
How did you selection the products used at the salon?
I wanted the best products of beauty of the moment.
In Paris, I went regularly in "Biologique Recherche" on the "Les Champs Elysées" The effectiveness (the results on the skin are really amazing) and professionalism of this great international brand have seduced me. I also had a crush for "Terre d'Afrique" brand 100% organic and close to nature. Also "Académie Scientifique de Beauté " a French brand universally known for his method of treatment according to the natures of skin and their dysfunctions - who created the famous "Princesse des crèmes"

Your advice on how to take care of your skin in winter?
Hydration is very important for skin beautiful and strong especially in winter because it undergoes cold. To better assimilate the creams and get rid of dead skin ensure you do a regular exfoliation.