Late R&B singer Aaliyah. (Pic: Instagram)

MAC have announced their highly anticipated collection in honour of late singer Aaliyah will launch this summer and will feature 'super fans' in the collection video.

The make-up company announced they were dedicating their upcoming collection to the late R&B singer last year after 26,000 fans - including her friend Missy Elliot, her brother Rashad Haughton and her make-up artist Eric Fell - petitioned for the company to honor the singer's legacy and fans won't have to wait much longer as the #AaliyahForMAC has been confirmed to launch this summer.

Posting a picture of the star on their Instagram (02.04.18) they captioned the image: "Aaliyah super-fans everywhere - YOU made it happen!"

The 'Rock the Boat' singer was a fan of M.A.C's Chestnut lipliner and eyeshadow in the shade Espresso before passing away in a tragic plane crash in 2001, and her namesake products will honor her love for earthy shades after a sneak-peak picture on M.A.C's Instagram account showed a neutral eye shadow palette and nude lipstick in burgundy packaging with her signature scrawled across the front. 

Nude lipstick in burgundy packaging. (Pic: Instagram)

M.A.C are also looking for "super fans" to star in the campaign film which will promote the collection and "celebrate her legacy".