Faramarz Khaze ,founder of the local men’s skincare range Red Dane, is a man on a mission. He is all about saving face by improving men’s skin and grooming rituals through high-performance products that boost their lives and confidence. Introduced in 2015, Red Dane has gone from zero to hero, taking South Africa by storm, and it’s easy to see why. The brand is packed with superior oils and natural ingredients that are animal friendly and
paraben free, and is suitable for all skin types, and for vegetarians and vegans. Khaze provides five essential grooming tips for the dry winter months:

1. DON’T USE SOAP: When cleansing your face daily, use a face wash that not only hydrates but is made for a man’s skin – since men have thicker and
oilier skin and have a different PH balance to women. Avoid soap, which can dry.

2. MOISTURISE: It is especially important to moisturise in winter. Do so after every cleansing, using a moisturiser that not only hydrates but nourishes with essential oils and natural ingredients.

3. PROTECT:  Although you may not feel the sun’s rays in winter, you still need a moisturiser with UVA and UVB protection.

4. CARE FOR FACIAL HAIR: Whether you shave regularly or sport a beard, use products that actively nourish, protect and soften not only the facial hair
but the skin underneath. When shaving, use products that penetrate the skin with oils that help create a smooth gliding surface. Also use an aftershave balm to moisturise and soothe the skin after shaving.

5.POWER SHOWER:  Although we all love our hot showers in the winter, hot water dries our skin. Try to shower with warm water and finish with cold water over the face to close pores and avoid breakouts.

Red Dane is available at stockists nationwide. Visit  http://www.reddane.co.za/or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @reddane_man.