FMBCJ. Picture: SDR.
Summer is here and that means all things bright and colourful! This is the most exciting season because not only do flowers blossom, but we get to see the creativity of playing around with bright colours to bring out the best look.

For this season, all shades of blue, green, red and citrus are our favourite colours we would like to see on men. Here is a guide on how you play around with colour blocks this season.

Modern mixture of African prints

Red: This is the most powerful colour you can ever wear. For a full, bold, red look, put on a red suit like that of Mai Afato and a light-blue shirt to break the colours. Stay away from a white shirt with this one.

Three piece suit by Mai Afato. Picture: SDR. 

For a casual look, blue denims and a red jacket will work wonders, like this runway look by Issa Leo. You can get away with wearing a white shirt with this one because the jeans have already broken the colour.

Green: There are many ways to rock green and still look cool without trying too hard. You can pull a bottle-green all-in-one like Nicholas Coutts. A cap is not really necessary and if you don’t like it, you can rather wear black sneakers instead of white.

 If you want a bit of Mexican look, green pants and red T-shirt, like FMBCJ did, is the way to go. To complete the look, put on a blue jacket and be fashion-forward when it comes to breaking colours.

 Bottle-green all-in-one like Nicholas Coutts. Picture: SDR. 

Blue: Blue looks good on everyone, it’s just a matter of how you put it together. For a more stylish look, the Nguni Shades blue pants with a silky zip jacket will make you stand out. You can even put on some chains and be extra nice. 

To be semi-formal, a navy-blue jacket with some jeans and light-blue shirt takes the cup. Don’t forget the sunglasses - accessories make a huge difference in enhancing the look.

Blue outfit by Issa Leo. Picture: SDR. 

Citrus: Colours like yellow and orange are not to be overdone. Most don’t even need accessories because the colour itself is bright enough to stand out.

For a pop-out, an orange top like that of Kidd Hunta would do. You can wear it with denim - short or long, it will work both ways.

Also for a pop-out, more causal this time, denim shorts with a Magents T-shirt is good.

Bright stylish look by Kidd Hunta. Picture: SDR. 

The prints leave no room for accessories but you can wear sunglasses if you want.

Fashion rules are there but who applies them anyway? Bend them and bring out the colours in you.