Bhekikhaya Mabaso in the new Grasshopper.
Review: Grasshopper summer range

Professional photographer and fashionista Bhekikahaya Mabaso is one of the first few gentlemen to slip into the new swanky Grasshoppers footwear range.

The new Grasshoppers range blurs the line between formal and casual as it comes in different designs; boots, veldskoen and moccasin shoe styles to suit all needs.

It is a mix of bright colours, earthy browns, blacks and navy - some with funky coloured soles and laces, making them the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. To take on the new range, Mabaso was intrigued by the footwear comfortability, style and design of the shoes. 

The original Grasshopper hasn't changed much except for a thinner sole. 


I really like the Grasshopper boots wear. They are comfortable to stand or walk all day in. They have great tread so you have traction. I have been wearing them a lot when I am working as a photographer as I spend most of the time standing or running and they are very comfortable and light.

Bhekikhaya Mabaso in the new Grasshopper boots. 


One thing I noticed is the cut is big, I normally wear a size 9 or 10 (UK sizes) but with the Grasshopper, size 8 was a perfect fit. It also has a nice stitch lining which gives it an appealing design.  The downside side though, the oatmeal was a bit challenging to put on once they are on, you would not want to take them off.

The Grasshopper oatmeal. 


The fact that the collection comes in different colours and designs makes it great for casual and formal wear. The cobalt shoes are pretty lightweight and they have the elegant look, but the stitch is not too strong compared to the rest. They are however very comfortable you can spend the whole day in them.

The Grasshopper cobalt.