Mnqobi Kunene is one of the biggest inspirations when it comes to fitness. Picture: Instagram.
Mnqobi Kunene is one of the biggest inspirations when it comes to fitness. Picture: Instagram.

Guys, here's how to boost your active lifestyle

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Mar 6, 2020

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Clere For Men Active is launching a new beauty range for men who are on the go. 

This range is specifically formulated for men who are gym freaks, part of the walking and running clubs, enjoy outdoor communal gyms, and attend group exercise  classes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

“While spending time outdoors is good for both our body and minds, too much time outside can  take a toll on our skin,” says Themba Ndlovu Clere For Men Active brand manager. 

“We’re proud to  say that an already trusted brand like this one now caters for the skincare needs of active men  with the new Clere For Men Active range. Our consumers are looking for a skincare product that  provides quick absorption (no white residue!), leaves them smelling good, makes them feel  attractive plus, and very importantly, keeps up with their active lifestyle.”

The new range which provides moisture for up to 48 hours is formulated with ProMoist consisting of glycerine, omega oils and  Vitamins E & A. 

The new Clere For Men Active lotion. 

And to boost your active lifestyle, Ndlovu suggests the following:

Start by walking

It’s easy, fun and provides instant health benefits. Walk on the promenade, if you  live by the ocean, or your local park, if you’re based inland. Instead of phoning your colleague in the  next office, get up and walk there. And, after work, take your dog for a walk. More than half the  body’s muscles are designed for walking; it’s the body’s natural movement that is virtually injury-  free.

Get social

Ask a friend or family member to get active with so you can motivate and reward each  other, or you can make some new friends through a class or club. 

A family affair

Arrange for outings that are physically active, such as walking around your local zoo  or hiking.

Park further away

Get some extra exercise in by parking further away from your destination. With  how crammed many parking lots become, you’ll not only burn calories but save a lot of time (and  potential accidents) waiting for a closer parking spot to open up.

Take the stairs

Choosing to take the stairs over an elevator or escalator is an easy way to burn more  calories and help tone leg muscles. Did you know that five minutes climbing stairs burns up to 150  calories?

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