'What My Boyfriend Wore' blogger Sergio Ines. Picture: Instagram.

It's very obvious just how great of a following male fashion bloggers and influencers have on platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and through their personal blogs. So today's man crush Monday in on the a few bloggers and influencers that are on the fashion radar.

Mohcine Aoki Harris

The Morrocan native fashion blogger and style influencer displays style for the gentleman who is transitioning from young boy to a young gentleman.

Igee Okafor 

The Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blogger lives his life with his dapper sense of style and charm. From rocking pastel-coloured suits to adding fanny packs to his casual outfits, it really does show how Igee Okafor deserved his blue tick on Instagram.

Sergio Ines 

The Cape Townian blogger behind ‘What My Boyfriend Wore’ has always been one for taking risks with men’s fashion, especially with Ines’ love for the dapper things. 

Trevor Stuurman

When is Trevor Stuurman not included in a list on men's fashion? He effortlesstly sets trends and creates outfits that are versatile and unique to Trevor’s individuality, on top of his amazing skill behind the camera lens.

Lourens Gebhardt 

The Namibian native has a knack for creating vintage-inspired outfits, as well as donning a wide-brim hat with his outfits as one of his main accessories.

Winter my favorite season. #louxthevintageguru #aroundtheworld

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Richard Koll 

Richard Koll is a creative blogger from Germany. Koll has "extraordinary clothing manner", loved to mix various known styles together and is known for his long hair, his travel posts and tattoos. This creative is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

What are your favourite reasons to smile?

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