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Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Winter can leave your beard feeling lifeless - here’s a few tips to keep winter woes at bay

Winter cold air can cause dry flaky skin and dry hair. However there’s a way around it. Image:supplied

Winter cold air can cause dry flaky skin and dry hair. However there’s a way around it. Image:supplied

Published Jul 16, 2022


With beards, moustaches, and other facial hair so popular among men today, it’s quite likely your partner has at least a little scruff on his face.

And although facial hair can be sexy, it can also ruin intimate moments by wreaking havoc on your skin.

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Dryness is the most frequent problem that winter brings with it, when it comes to skin and hair care. Dry skin and hair are primarily caused by colder temperatures coupled with lesser humidity.

The air will absorb moisture from the skin and hair as the humidity (amount of moisture in the air) drops. This can cause dry, flaky skin, sensitivity, and irritation, as well as hair breakage, dullness, and unruliness.

It all comes down to the outer layer of skin called the stratum corneum. This layer has dead skin cells on the surface which are bound together in a protective layer over the living skin cells below. When dry winter air extracts moisture from the stratum corneum, it contracts, leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. If enough moisture is lost and not replaced with topical skincare products, the stratum corneum can crack and flake.

Grooming is the ultimate sexy. Winter air extracts moisture from our hair, which is why you may notice your hair feeling drier and coarser during the colder months. Which can ultimately lead to coarse facial hair that causes beard burn can affect any area of the body where a man’s face and beard comes into contact with your skin, usually when kissing.

This is commonly known as “stache rash”, beard burn is a type of skin irritation caused by hair that creates friction when it moves close against skin. Therefore if the beard is not clean it can harbour bacteria like staph and will cause little cuts on the skin leading to an infection called impetigo which can be treated with antibiotics.

Another thing you can do to keep your beard healthy during winter is to trim it regularly. Keep a pair of beard scissors handy to ensure the areas around your moustache, jawline, and cheekbones are kept tidy. Regularly trimming unruly facial hair will result in a more groomed look, and the hair will appear healthier.

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You might not be aware that hot showers, which are known for drying out skin and hair, can leave your beard lifeless. Although it’s enticing, take a warm shower instead. Indoor heaters are also at fault since they further reduce humidity, which leads to dryness.

With the right facial hair products, you can enjoy a soft, shiny, and healthy beard that’s moisturised and manageable all winter long.

Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner: is made with a unique combination of chemicals to help condition and soothe irritated skin. It functions as both a face moisturiser and a beard conditioner. The combination of coconut oil, soy protein, and panthenol that it contains makes a double-duty conditioning formula soothe irritated skin and leaves your beard silky and frizz-free.

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Beard oil: is ideal for use during the winter because it locks moisture in, keeping your hair and skin hydrated for longer. Apply after a shower because your pores will be open due to the steam making it easier for the skin to absorb. Furthermore, using a high-quality beard oil will soften your beard, nourish the skin underneath it, and reduce itching.