Vintage acid-washed denim shoes. (Pic: Supplied)
Vintage acid-washed denim shoes. (Pic: Supplied)
This summer, Espadril turns up the heat and allows you to create your own design.

ʺThis collection is very different from anything we have done before,”  says Patricia Terre of Espadril’s latest designs for spring/summer 2018.
“We found inspiration from the animals in the Tropics for our embroidery  and crystal motifs so you will see tigers, a colourful toucan and a fish
It therefore comes as no surprise that Terre and her partner Rizqah  Isaacs named the collection ‘Heat’ in homage to the sexy, almost  unbearable heat of summer around the world. “The words that spring  to mind are ‘sexy’, ‘animalistic’ and ‘hot’, and the woman we had in  mind while designing the shoes is confident, wild and care-free.”

The colours and fabrics are quintessentially summer – vintage denim,  orange suede, calfskin, raw silk and Espadril’s signature Spanish cotton.
For the denim shoes, the duo sourced vintage acid-washed jeans and  cut them up so that each pair is one of a kind.
"We used many new elements for the first time and really came out of  our comfort zone with this collection. It has been an exciting journey –
we hope people can feel the love we have put into it,” says Isaacs.
Even the packaging has received a makeover and every pair of  espadrilles now leaves their store (or online store) in a pink Espadril bag.  The Heat collection is further packaged in a linen shoe bag.

Create your design online
For the first time, #espadrilGirls can design their own Valenciana  espadrilles online by choosing the sole they want, picking a colour and  deciding whether they’d like them to be open or closed.
If you’re in a hurry to get yours, visiting the store is still the way to go:
Pop in, pick your design, go and enjoy lunch, and collect your shoes.
It's as easy and as quick as that!
Plus, if the bright, bold designs of the Heat collection is not your cup of  tea, it's good to know that the neutrals and Meditteranean hues that  helped to build Espadril still form the backbone of the brand. 

Instagram: @espadrilspain
Espadril store: 100 Bree Street, Cape Town
Contact Number: 079 722 7143