Privé Revaux activist pink sunglasses. Picture: Supplied.
Spotted almost daily on international A-Listers, worn by Migos, Charlize Theron and Heidi Klum, Privé Revaux eyewear is certainly making its mark across the globe. A brand that has shaken up the affordable luxury eyewear market since its launch in 2017, offering 100 unique, handcrafted eyewear styles.

The assassin-copper. Picture: Supplied. 

Privé Revaux’s  celebrity connection isn’t just a marketing ploy, but part of what inspired the brand in the first place. 

“The goal of the brand is to disrupt the industry. I love sunglasses, but I’d spend too much money, and then I’d lose them. So, I got together with friends with the idea of creating a cool company. We want to make sunglasses that are dope and that people can afford", says Jamie Foxx.

Madam red. Picture: Supplied. 

Foxx, Steinfeld and Benson have been actively involved in the product design process and  marketing since the brand first launched in the United States. 

Following their success in 2017, both locally and internationally, Privé Revaux is launching a brand new second collection. The new Icon collection, available now, is once again backed by their celebrity brand partners. The collection pays tribute to iconic figures such as Jackie O, Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

The Connoisseur black. Picture: Supplied. 

The Privé Revaux collection is available in South Africa at and