The Revlon Bold Brigade team (from left to right) Kim Jayde Robinson, Bontle Modiselle, Michelle Mosalakae and Luthando Shosha. (Pic supplied)
In January Revlon launched its new Live Boldly Campaign introducing four new Global Ambassadors, Ashley Graham, Adwoa Aboah, Imaan Hammam and Raquel Zimmermann chosen to represent the new campaign platform because they embody what it is to “Live Boldly.”

Now Revlon’s Live Boldly campaign has been implemented in South Africa. The campaign intends to inspire women to express themselves with passion, optimism, strength and style. It also aims to bring women together around powerful conversations, shared experiences and the celebration of diverse beauty. 

To bring this to life in South Africa, Revlon is proud to introduce its own Bold Brigade, consisting of four inspirational, diverse, driven women.

These women are Kim Jayde Robinson, Luthando Shosha, Michelle Mosalakae and Bontle Modiselle.

Each of these women not only brings a unique look to drive unconventional diverse beauty but, they also know what it means to never give up when it comes to chasing their dreams. 

The Revlon Bold Brigade team (from left to right) Kim Jayde Robinson, Bontle Modiselle, Michelle Mosalakae and Luthando Shosha. (Pic supplied)
We chat to these ladies to find out more about their roles in the campaign.

Kim Jayde Robinson - She is an MTV presenter, a model and a blogger.
How do you fit in the brigade?
We are so incredibly different as individuals, I love That! Loot brings that super cool, confidence. Bontle has swag for days and is so outgoing. Michelle, our porcelain doll has a quiet strength to her that is so inspiring... I think what I add is a positive, bubbly energy to the brigade. I'm also the only mixed-race girl which is special because it means that different young girls, and women can relate and identify with each one of us.

Michelle Mosalakae - Actress 
What does being a Revlon ambassador mean for you?
It means the world to me to be able to stand as a symbol of change in the world of beauty and cosmetics. I am so honoured to be part of this new direction celebrating inclusivity and diversity!

Luthando Shosha - TV & Radio presenter and model
What makes you bold? 
The trust I have in myself, my refusal to settle for less. My ambition and my fearless nature and never compromising who I am my core. Also, my hair!

Do you look at women and see something beautiful in all of them? 
Every woman is perfect. I’m also the kind of woman that constantly compliments other women. 

Bontle Modiselle - Actress, TV personality and dancer
What do you want young girls to learn from you?
Dream with no limitations. Live and love your truth out loud. Who you are, how you look, how to speak and all you represent is enough, is with purpose and intent. Find out who you are, love yourself and live loud, your way.