KFM radio presenter Sechaba G. (Pic: Ashley Irvin Robertson)
Every woman loves romance and Valentine’s Day is the time for it. Whether it’s a teddy holding a red heart or a bunch of red roses, any romantic gesture is enough to melt the heart. Men don’t be fooled by the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts”; women love to be spoilt.

I spoke to a few of our favourite celebrity women to find out how they like to spend this day of love and about their fondest memories.

Here’s what Expresso chef and cookbook author Zola Nene, comedian Angel Campey and KFM radio presenter Sechaba G have to say.

Expresso chef and cookbook author Zola Nene. (Pic: Matanna Katz)

How would you ideally like to spend Valentine’s Day?

Zola: I’d like to spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other; an actual valentine. An ideal date would be a home-cooked meal for two, accompanied by lots of bubbly. I prefer to stay in on Valentine’s Day, which I find to be more intimate and special.

Angel: It would be with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and any other hot Ryan - forsaking all others for me! But realistically, it’ll probably be me spending the evening with myself after performing comedy. Somehow, I’ll still end up disappointing myself - burn the food or come home too late.

Sechaba G: With my husband! We’ve started a blog about keeping the flame alive, so we will be doing our favourite thing, having dinner at a great spot in Cape Town.

Comedian Angel Campey. (Pic: Tegan Smith Photography)

What’s your fondest Valentine’s Day memory?

Zola: In primary school people would write anonymous notes to their valentines and put them into a secret box to be delivered by Cupid on Valentine’s day. One year I got a note and was beyond excited, but I still have no idea who that note was from.

Angel: When I got five roses delivered to my high school classroom from our anonymous flower delivery (I paid for four of them myself and the other rose was from my best friend).

Sechaba G: Last year he had me under the impression that he had forgotten Valentine’s Day, but I arrived home from work to a lounge filled with roses, champagne and a note asking me to meet him at a secret location that evening (he had arranged a babysitter and everything!).

KFM radio presenter Sechaba G. (Pic: Ashley Irvin Robertson)

How do you spoil your Valentine?

Zola: It’s been a few years since I’ve had a Valentine, but when I did, I always made a point to write a note or a card - as cheesy as it may seem. I think Valentine’s Day reminds you to express your love to your partner and I think a personal, heartfelt note is a great way to express and show your emotion.

Angel: I love spoiling a partner. I even go full cheesy with helium balloons. My last boyfriend was Argentinian, so his ideal Valentine’s was me letting him watch football on my big-screen TV without rolling my eyes or changing the channel. So romantic, haha!

Sechaba G: My husband is a very simple guy. Some great lingerie or a good bottle of whisky always does the trick.