When shopping for vintage wear you have to thoroughly inspect the garment. (Picture: Pixabay)

Vintage shopping is the perfect way to find unique clothing items to add to your wardrobe or your personal signature to an outfit.

If you’re a lover of the 50’s Hollywood glam style evening gowns and fur shawls or a hippie at heart with a love for boho dresses, vintage stores are like treasure chests filled with jewels from decades gone by.

As fun and easy as it might sound, shopping for those vintage jewels isn’t without its cons. There are many factors to consider when you're out shopping. 

Vintage stores are like a treasure chest of second hand goodies. (Picture: vintage_jinjin2/instagram)

First of all, you’ll need to know where to look. Don’t be fooled into thinking that second hand garments are cheaper. 

Stores that specialize in vintage wear tend to be more expensive since they’ve already taken the time to hunt for the best garments and had them restored. If if you’re really serious about your vintage wear, and not on a tight budget, then those are the stores for you.

If, on the other hand, you are on a tight budget and out bargain hunting (and who isn’t) then flea markets are the place for you. 

Cash is king and your bargaining tool. Stall owners are more likely to smile at a wad of cash especially if you’re trying to bring the price down. 

What to look out for when considering an item: 

Check the condition of the fabric. If the fabric is worn, thin and beading is falling off or the embroidery is unravelling, then give it a miss. 

If there's a button missing from a blazer or coat you might want to reconsider buying it. Especially if it's a button you know you won't find to match for the others. 

Special buttons won’t be easy to replace. (Picture: bearlovesvintage/Instagram)

A garment that’s too small might be perfect but don’t depend on dropping a dress size any time soon to squeeze in it. Garments that are too big can simply be altered.

Stay away from garments with stains. Bear in mind that the stain has been there for years, which means it’s NOT going to come out. The same goes for underarm stains - don't even go there.

Glamourous evening bags are fab. Check that the clutch is still working and any beading or jewels are still in good condition. If it's a hippie leather sling you're looking for, check that the leather isn't cracking. 

Always make sure that the clasps are still working on vintage bags. (Picture: rockingdollshop/Instagram)