Victoria Beckham's latest beauty secret is moon water.
Pic:Bang Showbiz
Victoria Beckham's latest beauty secret is moon water. Pic:Bang Showbiz

Victoria Beckham's latest beauty tip: moon water

By Daily Mail Time of article published May 21, 2019

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She has already tried sheep placenta facials and spoonfuls of vinegar for breakfast, so at first sight, Victoria Beckham’s latest health kick – bottled water – might seem a little more sensible.

That’s until you realise it’s "moon water" that has apparently been left outside at night so it can be "charged with lunar energies".

What’s more, it has been popular for decades among "witches" who say it boosts their psychic powers. But their devotion may prove a little wide-eyed – as it can easily be made at home using nothing more magical than a splash of tap water.

The mother of four shared an online video of herself swigging from a bottle at a spa in Germany.

Made by a brand called St Leonhards, the Mondquelle (moon source) water can be bought on Amazon for around £4 (R75) a bottle. The former Spice Girl, 45, told fans on Instagram it was made by being placed outdoors overnight in a glass bowl beneath a full moon. She said: ‘So I am here at Lanserhof in Germany, and they’ve just given me this water, which is a special water. It is collected locally, here in Munich, but only on a full moon.

"Apparently this is very healthy water, an incredible water and great for the skin. Where am I going to get this when I leave Germany?"

The fashion designer posted several other pictures from her stay at the £8 000-a-week (R150K) spa. One showed a bag containing several vitamin supplements including a Skinade drink sachet, a packet of tablets and a sachet of Omni-biotic – to boost the digestive system.

She also posted a picture of her less-than-full breakfast, which consisted of a small egg-white omelette, one cherry tomato, a small avocado and a minuscule side salad. For dinner she had fresh pieces of salmon alongside wilted spinach, broccoli, a wedge of lime and another bottle of moon water.

Beckham previously revealed she starts each day with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach to aid digestion and has regular sheep placenta facials, which contain stem cell nutrients to "regenerate the skin".

To make moon water at home:

Take spring or purified water and put it outside under a full moon. If you don’t have any, tap water is just as good. It must be in a glass container, fully exposed to the elements. Leave it overnight then drink it straight away or store for other uses such as watering plants.

The word moon comes from the Latin "luna", which gave birth to the term "lunatic". It was previously believed madness was induced by the moon’s cycles.  

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