Glitter lips are a hot makeup trend. (Picture: Instagram)

Glitter lips are one of the hottest makeup trends spotted on the runway at fashion weeks this season. It looks amazing on the runway but would you wear it off the runway? 

If you’re eager to try this sparkling trend, be warned that’s not that easy to pull off. Kissing and eating are definitely out of the question. A statement look reserved for a night out with the girls or awesome shots for your Instagram page!

Even though it’s not an easy or practical look to maintain, it’s fairly easy to create. 

Before you start the application process it’s essential to nourish your lips by applying a moisturising lip balm.

Using a liquid lipstick is your best option for a base before applying the glitter. If you’re going for gold or silver opt for a nude base. If you’re going to play around with colour then match your lipstick colour as close to the glitter colour you’ll be using.

Once the liquid lipstick has been applied you will have to work quickly so have your glitter ready. Using a flat brush press the glitter onto the wet lipstick before the liquid starts to set. The glitter will adhere to the lipstick and dry as the lipstick dries.

Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to get the look: