There are other ways to remove nail polish without nail polish remover. (Picture: Pixabay)

If your nails polished is chipped, you’re hating the colour or the polish simply grown out, then it’s time to remove it. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you’ve run out of nail polish remover when you need it the most.

If you find yourself in this situation here are a few tricks to remove unsightly nail polish.

Spray it away: Most of us use body spray. Reach for that spray and hold the nozzle a few centimetres away from the nail. Spray the nail until it’s very wet and wipe off the varnish using a cotton ball. Repeat this until the varnish is completely removed. 
Another spray product to consider is hairspray. Use it in the same way you would body spray but be aware that hairspray can dry out your nails. So work quickly when using it.

If you’re not too precious about your perfume then this would work as well. Because of the higher alcohol content in perfume, it would work faster and more effectively than your hair or body spray but it could turn out to be rather costly if you end up using half to bottle!

Polish on polish: This might sound insane but you can actually use nail polish to remove nail polish. This is where your transparent top coats comes in handy. All you need to do is apply a layer of top coat over the old dry nail polish and wipe it away while it’s still wet. You don’t want the top coat to start drying so you will have to work quickly. It’s messy and sticky process and you need to repeat it a few times.

Use clear nail polish to remove old nail polish. (Picture: Pixabay)