The latest YouTube trend takes a microscopic look at makeup and skin products. (Image: Pexel Stock)

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you open YouTube and see something you never, ever, would have thought of. 

YouTube is a weird and wonderful place where you can watch anything from a makeup tutorial to a grown woman unwrapping tiny toys. 

Ten videos later, of watching the same “How to…” tutorial, you can perfect your contouring technique or create a wing-eye in five different shapes. 

There will always be those video junkies who are on the lookout for something nasty. Something that makes them go “eeuuuww”. 

Well if you love makeup AND something to make you go “eeuuwww”, then click on over to Vlogger Tina Yong’s channel. The person who started the latest YouTube makeup trend called “Micro makeup”. 

“Micro makeup” is a video trend where vloggers use a microscope to apply or remove makeup, have a close look at makeup brushes and the makeup itself, skin, beauty products like facial masks and that just to name a few. 

Tina Yong’s video “Peel Off Blackhead Mask Under A Microscope” got her noticed and kicked off this intriguing trend. She followed that up with the video titled “How My Makeup Looks Under a Microscope”, which got over six million views. 

And so a new trend was born. Now hundreds of “under a microscope” videos have been uploaded telling up over 70 millions views. 

Here are a few videos to give you a microscopic look at what everyone is raving about.