Keira Knightley. (Pic: Reuters)

Most couples on a romantic Italian holiday are content to laze by the pool and indulge in delicious food.

But when you are a celebrity, it seems there is always a way to squeeze in a pampering treatment... of sorts.

Actress Keira Knightley and her husband James Righton were pictured smothering each other in mud on a Sicilian island over the weekend.

The Love Actually star, 33, could be seen letting out a gasp as musician Righton, 34, rubbed the mud from a volcanic crater on her back during their visit to Pantelleria.

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Whereas Righton had rubbed it all over his body, his wife was careful to keep her chest, neck and face clear. They then let the mud dry in the sun before sitting in the turquoise water to wash it off.

Miss Knightley and former Klaxons keyboard player Righton were at Specchio de Venere, a lake in a volcanic crater which is fed by rainwater and hot springs. Tourists can rub the mud over their skin for a natural beauty treatment. The small grains are said to exfoliate the skin, while soaking in mud can also help alleviate aches and muscle pains.

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