Zoe Kravitz believes that she "hid behind" her long hair. (Picture: Bang Showbiz)

The 29-year-old actress - who is the daughter of Lisa Bonet and her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz thinks - realised she had been hiding behind her long hair and accessed a different "part of her femininity" when she made the decision to chop her locks down and started dressing "totally differently".

In an interview with British Vogue, she said: "Every hairstyle needs a different kind of look to complement it. I definitely think the most drastic change for me was cutting it short because you realise how much you hide behind your hair. It's kind of like a safety blanket and so all of a sudden you feel very exposed when you have short hair. 

"So it was actually a good thing for me I think because I realised how much I was relying on my hair to feel feminine.

"It was cool to have to access a different part of my femininity. I dressed totally differently. I think I started dressing a little more conservatively in a weird way."

And the 'Big Little Lies' star felt she had to make more of an effort in terms of beauty after she switched to a pixie crop as her face was more "exposed". 

She said: "And you feel you have to wear make-up as your face is more exposed!"

Zoe - who has now returned to having long hair - takes care of her hair by using coconut oil or rosemary oil and she has learnt how to control her curly locks over the years.

She explained: "In general I try to keep my hair moisturised, as curly hair tends to get dry. I use coconut oil or rosemary oil; it wakes up your scalp. Keep it healthy."