Mismatched Bathu kicks. Picture: Supplied.
Bathu, a 100% black-owned business, brings change to the shoe industry.

Founded in 2015, but initially launched last year, this brand produces breathing sneakers, relevant for formal and casual wear.

“Our shoes are very unique. They are made of mesh material and you can wear them with anything, from suits, jeans, dresses, and all,” says Andrew Lale of Bathu.

Blue Bathu shoes. Picture: Supplied.

Bathu was started by Theo Baloyi, originally from Alexandria. His sole aim was to take a proudly South African township story to the world.

He identified a niche in the retail business to conceptualise and establish a shoe brand around the commonly used universal word with a deep sense of meaning in the black society, to globally share the beautiful untold story.

“Bathu is a common universal slang word mostly used in townships across our country, referring to any type of shoe. This word has existed in South African townships for decades now,” says Baloyi.

Colourful Bathu sneakers. Picture: Supplied.

When Bathu launched its first shoe range in September last year, it started with 500 pairs which sold out. And this year, about 1000 pairs have been sold. “What’s nice about our shoes is that they are unisex. And the thing with shoes is that they speak so many languages, say a lot about who you are. To boost confidence even more, our shoes don’t smell because of the material used, which allows the air to come in and out,” says Lale.

Baloyi has a vision to grow Bathu into a worldwide brand. The shoes start from R900 with free delivery across South Africa.

For more information, visit www.bathu.co.za