Tips on how to pick the perfect Christmas gift for the person you think has it all

Buying Christmas gifts can be tricky. Picture: Pexels/Irina Iriser

Buying Christmas gifts can be tricky. Picture: Pexels/Irina Iriser

Published Dec 7, 2023


When it comes to Christmas gift shopping, there’s always that one person that you just don’t know what to buy - the person who you think already has everything.

Those are usually the unfortunate people who end up getting gift vouchers.

While there’s nothing wrong with gift cards, they are so impersonal.

There’s something really special about receiving an actual gift. The person will know that you at least put some thought into the gift.

If you can’t figure out what to buy that person, here are some tips that will help you find the perfect gift.

Buying someone a gift shows them that you put thought into it. Picture: Pexels Anna Tarazevich

Consider experiences

Instead of physical gifts, think about giving experiences such as a spa day, dinner at a fancy restaurant or even something as simple as taking them to the movies.

Experiences can create lasting memories and be more meaningful than material possessions.

Think outside the box

Don’t limit yourself to traditional gift options.

Consider unique and unexpected gifts that the person may not have thought of themselves.

This can make your gift stand out and be memorable.

Personalise the gift

Adding a personal touch to the gift can make it more special. Consider customising the gift with the person’s name or initials, or choosing something that holds sentimental value.

Even if it’s something simple, like a pen or handkerchief, having it personalised will make it so much more meaningful.

Consider the person’s interests and hobbies

Think about what the person enjoys doing or any specific hobbies they have. This can give you ideas for gifts that align with their interests.

Pay attention to hints

The person that you think has it all, might still have something they wish for.

If the person drops hints about things they want, take note of those items. This can make your gift-giving process much easier.

Do some research

Take the time to search for gift ideas online or ask friends and family for suggestions.

This can help you discover new and exciting gift options that you may not have thought of before.

Trust your instincts

Ultimately, trust your instincts when choosing a gift. If something feels right or you think the person will genuinely appreciate it, go with your gut feeling.

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