Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather

In case you missed it, here's a recap of our top stories trending this week.

As a sexting nation, let’s push the right buttons

A new survey has revealed that South Africans are the front-runners in the sexting scene, with 77% claiming they have done it. Read more.

The case to legalise magic mushrooms

There's a growing body of scientific evidence showing the potential for hallucinogenic mushrooms to work alongside conventional therapy methods to treat depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and some kinds of addictions. Read more.

Top 9 looks at the #DStvMVCA

Local celebs strutted their stuff on the red carpet at the inaugural DStv Mzansi Viewer's Choice Awards. Read more.

Floyd Mayweather ate the same meal every day before the McGregor fight

Floyd Mayweather ate the same meal every day in the run-up to the big fight with Conor McGregor, his chef has revealed. Read more.

Are tattoos sign of sexual availability?

People with tattoos are more likely to have a passionate extramarital affair, a new study has revealed. Read more.