WATCH: 20 million LEGO bricks used in Turkish Airline's safety video

Published Feb 11, 2019


Turkish Airlines launched a new video created by the LEGO® movie team.

The airline created its first LEGO safety video last year, gaining 20 million video views and winning gold at the 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards. The new four-minute safety video coincides with the release of The LEGO Movie 2. 

The making involved more than 20 million LEGO bricks, 10 times the number in the first video.

It features eight global destinations including Cape Town. According to a press release, around 24,000 LEGO mini-figures were used to create the crowd in the LEGO version of Cape Town Stadium which hosts a Super Hero match.

Production on the video lasted 979 hours over 4 months and involved 400 people creating 11 different versions, both in English and Turkish, to cover the safety particulars of 28 aeroplane models in the Turkish Airlines fleet.

The airline has also marked it's relationship with LEGO with a specially wrapped narrow-body Airbus A321-231 livery.




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