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Cape Town - With Ramadaan almost over, many Muslims are bound to question : If I'm eating one meal a day, why haven’t I lost any weight?

Although Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset refraining from any food or drink, we find that more often than not we pile on kilo's instead of shedding them .

Whilst Muslims do not eat or drink during the day , the body goes into a shock mode and stores the food we have consumed - once the sun goes down we catch up and often more than make up for it by eating extra and quite often the wrong thing , and hence the extra weight. In my case its extra hip and thigh padding !!

It's a simple equation: weight gain is dependent on how many calories you eat per day vs. how many calories you work off! And as most of us enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle during Ramadaan ,the calories we consume far outweigh the amount we work off!

If and only if you are doing your Taraweeg prayers which are the optional extra 20 prayers per night you have a fairly good chance of maintaining your weight!

I have though found a few ways that do help to keep that evil lord of the cellulate at bay and they may work for you .

Break your fast with a date – which is highly recommended by the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and some water infused with lemon – a nice big squeeze of lemon in a glass of water . Also trying to start the meal with the healthier option of a vegetable soup or vegetable and chicken soup rather than carbo-loading on a deepfried daltjie ( chillibite ) or samoosa. The healthy option is always better and eating slowly gives your body a chance to adjust to the lack of food , rather than loading it up with food and expecting the digestive system to work overtime.

Also try and slot in some fresh fruit to keep you body functions regular and remember you have till the next morning to reload – it doesn’t have to be all at once. Drinking water is also vital and you should still try and get a good couple of glasses in before sunrise !!

And hopefully the only gain that you have will be spiritually and you will fit in that stunning outfit on the day of Eid! - Cape Times