Cars caught in rising water in the south of Durban on Tuesday. Picture: ANA

The KwaZulu-Natal government has declared the areas impacted by the #Durbanstorm disaster areas. 

The declaration by the provincial government was announced by Premier Willies Mchunu on Thursday morning. 

They would also be calling on national government to classify and declare a provincial disaster as the inclement weather affected more than one district.

On Wednesday, human settlements and public works MEC Ravi Pillay said: “It's a question of the size of the damage and the size of the cost being beyond the current fiscus capability and then that goes to national for declaration and an allocation (of funds) from national."

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The Office of the Premier stated that provincial Treasury will meet with departments to address the prioritisation of budgets to ensure that solid delivery was strengthened.

While the total financial implications of the repair and rehabilitation of infrastructure are still to be quantified and confirmed once all the assessments have been concluded, the Premier’s office could confirm that the estimated costs to repair the 133 damaged schools was R136.5 million. 

Some of these schools were high schools were matric exams were due to start this month.

“Government will do everything in its power to ensure that learners who are preparing for the final matric examination are not affected.”

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