Swedish Employment Minister Sven Otto Littorin on Thursday revised his curriculum vitae (CV) after media earlier this week questioned a degree he listed from a non-accredited United States university.

The master of business administration (MBA) degree was awarded by the Fairfax University in the US state of Louisiana. The institution has been described as a so-called degree mill and is not recognised by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education or several US states.

A blogger initially raised the issue that was picked up by several media outlets.

Commenting on his decision to remove the MBA reference from his CV that is also published on the government's official web site, Littorin said "there are more important issues to discuss," adding that he wanted to discuss jobs and employment instead.

He maintained Thursday that he had put in the necessary work for a masters at Fairfax. He never visited the university and conducted his studies via distance-learning some 10 years ago, while he was working for a PR company in New York.

According to several news reports, Fairfax University Institute is currently registered in the Cayman Islands. - Sapa-dpa