Glamorous former M-Net presenter, actress and singer Suanne Braun has a new man in her life - and she was wooed and won by cellphone and the Internet.

After weeks of heating up the airwaves with their romance, Suanne and her new love, London-based industrial psychologist Christopher Garner, met for the first time last Friday, and things have been really sizzling since.

Or so it seemed at a party at the Theatre on the Bay on Wednesday to celebrate the 80th birthday of veteran actor Rex Garner, who is Christopher's father.

Rex has lived in London for the past year, but he's in Cape Town repeating his acclaimed performance of Visiting Mr Green at the Theatre on the Bay.

Suanne, who sings with a group called Breakfast Included when she's not acting, is friendly with his daughter, Geraldine, who introduced her to Christopher via cellphone two months ago.

"When people mention their brothers, you think, 'Yeeuugh'," said a sparkling Suanne, in a short, tight, backless white dress.

But after a promising chat on the cellphone, they began an email correspondence that turned into a fully-fledged Internet affair. Suanne is following him to London at the end of next week. And then?

"We plan to meet in all the world's beautiful places," said Christopher, and that includes Los Angeles, where Suanne is going to be MC at a charity golf day hosted by Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.