CSR RZ125 is a sporty sixteener.

Johannesburg - Motorcycle distributors the Cayenne Group have warned of imitations that could be mistaken for their new CSR range of motorcycles and scooters. While we're not surprised - trademarks, copyright and intellectual property are notoriously flexible concepts among Chinese manufacturers - this is, as far as we know, the first time a distributor has taken the trouble to warn against such clones.

Cayenne Group dealer principal Craig Langton said: "They may look the same and be slightly cheaper - but if it doesn't say CSR it doesn't carry our stamp of approval.

"We weren't prepared to put our name and guarantee on the CSR Sports range - the RZ125 and RZ250, the naked café styled DT125 and DT150, Trend scooters and the new Cayenne Cargo delivery bike - without thorough research and testing."


Cayenne is also supporting the new range with an optional Raider Package, including a crash helmet, paint protection, a motorcycle alarm and pre-treatment with tyre sealant, for R3499 for any of the CSR models - or you can add it to your existing finance deal and pay an extra R69 a month for 72 months.

Langton has also taken a page out of the car-dealers' playbook with a no-deposit finance package that includes free licence and registration, a residual (the first ever in the two-wheel industry, he says) and a guaranteed buy-back.