Motor Company says pinched brake line can cause the front wheel to lock up while riding.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Harley-Davidson is recalling 66 421 Touring and CVO Touring motorcycles from the 2014 model year because their front wheels can lock up without warning.

Motorcycles with anti-lock brakes built between 1 July 1 2013 and 7 May 2014, are included in the recall, including 302 in Sub-Saharan Africa, not all of which have been sold yet.

The maker says the front brake line can get pinched between the fuel tank and the frame.

That causes front brake-fluid pressure to increase, posing a risk that the front wheel could lock up while riding.

The Motor Company knows of five crashes and two minor injuries related to the defect, which it discovered late in 2013 through warranty claims.

Harley-Davidson will notify owners to bring the bikes in to thair local dealer, who will replace the brake lines at no cost and attach straps to hold them in place.