German police escorts members of the Hells Angels on their Harley Davidsons to the funeral of Aygun Mucuk. Picture: Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters.

Friedberg, Germany - Hells Angels bikers are flocking to Germany in their hundreds to pay their last respects to the murdered boss of the motorcycle gang's syndicate in the town of Giessen.

Aygun Mucuk, who was hit by 16 bullets last Friday on the grounds of the Giessen Hells Angels clubhouse in nearby Wettenberg, is to be laid to rest in a Muslim service.

Several hundred police are being deployed to oversee the funeral, with travel disruptions expected as Europe's biker scene heads to the service in the central German state of Hesse.

Police have yet to find any trace of the suspect or suspects who killed 45-year-old Mucuk.

Giessen Hells Angels, whose members are predominantly Turkish, have a long-established rivalry with the Frankfurt branch of the gang. Both groups often fall foul of the law due to drug trafficking, the running of illegal brothels and other criminal activity.

Over 30 Hells Angels clubs are currently banned as criminal groups in Germany.


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