Meet the world's craziest custom motorcycle

By Denis Droppa Time of article published Jul 17, 2018

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Brazil - We’ve gotten used  to some weird custom motorcycle creations over the years, but this one probably out-weirds them all.

Meet the TMC Dumont, the brainchild of Brazilian motorcycle custom builder Tarso Marques, who also used to be a Formula One racing driver for Minardi. The futuristic bike is named after Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont.

Throwing away the rule book, the TMC Dumont consists of a Rolls-Royce aircraft engine mounted between two extra-large 36” hubless wheels.

Is it practical? Heck no. Is it pretty? We’ll leave that for you to decide. Does it attract attention? Hell yes.

With only the most minimal body work and a rudimentary seat, this whacky two-wheeler looks basically like a giant pair of spectacles with its massive hubless wheels.

In between those oversized hoops is a flat-six cylinder engine pushing out 224kW of road-ripping power - which is clearly to be enjoyed in a straight line only. With that extra-long wheelbase we can’t see the TMC Dumont going around corners in any kind of hurry, but this whacky creation can actually be ridden, as shown in the video below.

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