This custom creation caused a stir at the 2012 Cape Town Bike Show.

The third annual Cape Town Bike Show will be held this Sunday, 3 March, in the grounds of the Living Hope Ministry on Kommetjie Road in the far south of the Cape Pensinsula.

Although several manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers will put up large displays of their latest models and shiniest bikebling, some of the most interesting machinery will be found in the visitors’ parking area.

Members of the public are invited to put their two-wheeled pride and joy on display – in fact it costs the same (R35) whether you’re there to see or be seen – and this low-key event attracts some of the rarest machinery in the Cape, bikes nobody knew were here, as well as some superb custom creations.


It’s a biker party where the emphasis is on the bikes rather than the beers, an opportunity to hook up with old friends and make new ones; bikers are an incredibly diverse community, from schoolboys to school principals and from postmasters to bank managers, brought together by a love of adventure and travelling (literally) outside the box.

But the show is not only for riders and cognoscenti. Don’t let the intimidating costumes and hairstyles put you off; any rider of a shiny, well-cared for machine will always be happy to tell members of the public what it is, how much work he’s put into it, how big its engine is and how fast it will go.

That’s always the first question asked by little boys of all ages.


When the show was first held in 2010, a conscious decision was made - based on the ideals and work of the charity behind it - not to sell or serve alcohol. This choice has been questioned over the years but for the organisers the issue is simple.

Although Living Way is the education branch of the Living Hope ministry, it also tackles substance abuse through its Living Grace group, offering outpatient rehabilitation based on a “road to recovery” model.

Nearly all of us have either lost somebody to a drunk driver, or have a friend or family member struggling with an addiction. In honour of those people, Living Hope has decided that the Cape Town Bike Show will be ‘One Sober Sunday’.

Nevertheless there will be food of all kinds and ice cold soft drinks on sale, so visitors to the show can make a day of it. The bikes will be on display from 9am to 3pm so there will be plenty of time to relax after wandering round the exhibits.

All the funds raised will be shared between Living Way (education) and Living Grace (rehabilitation). Tickets (including a metal badge) will be available at the gate on the day or in advance from Computicket at R35; children under six pay only R5.